Germany's Tourism Board Starts Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments
In a push to adopt blockchain for internal transactions and promote tourism, the German National Tourism Board has started accepting crypto payments.

The German National Tourism Board (GNTB) has added a cryptocurrency-payment option to tourists availing its services. GNTB has got offices across 32 countries of the globe and promotes travel destinations within the country. The organization has also announced that it is currently testing the blockchain technology for processing of international financial transactions.

GNTB‘s Chair Petra Hedorfer said: “Within our digitization strategy, we are constantly examining the latest technologies and considering their application in our organization.

She further added that “By accepting cryptocurrencies as means of payment and with the possible implementation of the blockchain technology in our finances, we want to position ourselves as an innovation driver in the tourism industry.

The announcement by GNTB also notes that in international transactions, there is “potential for tremendous improvements and savings.” The Board notes that the blockchain technology offers some of the very “interesting perspectives” in terms of the security, speed and transparency of the financial transactions.


In order to give a push to its blockchain project and being a national tourism board, Frankfurt-based GNBT receives good funding from the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy.

Over the past six decades, GNBT has been actively working to promote travel opportunities in the Federal Republic of Germany while developing new marketing strategies and concepts on specific events, themes and attractions.

In addition to promoting Germany tourism as an attractive travel destination, GNBT is also looking to strengthen Germany’s position as a business location.