Forbes joins Civil Network to regularly publish content on Blockchain

Civil a journalism platform that evolved as a decentralized marketplace will be publishing Forbes articles on its blockchain platform starting from 2019.

Announcing the partnership, Forbes declared that Civil would be its media blockchain partner going forward. Civil will publish content on blockchain as it is doing currently. Civil has sustained as a decentralized marketplace for journalism that works in a peer to peer exchange model. Bringing journalists and readers together on the direct platform, it eliminates the need of advertisers and publishers in the journalism ecosystem.

Ethereum blockchain fuels Civil’s operation model that thrives on CVL as its native token. CVL offers value of store to both readers and journalists using the smart contract of Civil. Forbes is eagerly looking forward to a new method of reader engagement using the Civil platform. As the blockchain platform will increase the trust of readers, Forbes is looking forward to increased revenue.

Civil and Forbes partnership is a new found sustainable form of journalism that will help Forbes connect to the audience in a more ethical manner. In the process of adoption of Civil’s blockchain, Forbes will integrate its existing CMS –“Bertie” with Civil’s software. The metadata will be uploaded to Civil network while the stories will be uploaded to the leading platform.


Taking it as a significant experiment in its history of existence, Forbes is all set to implement the blockchain into its CMS that will change the way readers will engage with the Forbes content. The focus of the partnership is to add transparency to the journalism using the blockchain platform.

This kind of integration will offer journalists a broader reach. Starting next year, Forbes will publish content on blockchain of Civil’s platform as a part of the experiment. Depending upon the response of the audience the partnership will go ahead with Civil as its full-fledged content platform.