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Whats is Crypto-Games ?

Crypto-games is an online gaming and bet protal whereplayers/users can play Dice, Win jackpots, Blackjack, Video Poker, Plinko,Slots, Lottery and more. Anyone from anywhere can bet in platform with variousmode of payment like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin,Ethereum Classic, Neo-Gas, Statis, Peercoin and specially with Playmoney. is rated as one of highest Bitcoin and alt-coin Faucet with all Cryptocurrency gaming portals, In service since 2014 with own first portal which was exactly working for Dogecoin, After some while of Doge-platform they innovate and extend new portal with all major cyptocurrencies and the new era was re-branded with “”

What People gets excited about Crypto Games portal ? It’s usually like your regular games in real-life but it edition with Online Era and given a name with, Instead of using your crypto asset or currency to make payments, Players can directly use bitcoin to whole matches with the quick and easy deposit/withdrawal facilities Online games instantly.


Deposit Overview :

Deposit can be detect within one blockchain network confirmation on all Cryptocurrencies, Players can use any Cryptocurrency mode Described above.

Withdraw Process and Facilities :

Withdrawal process is more easy and reliable Player can withdraw their fund from Crypto-games wallet anytime and get instant withdraw with minimal network fee.

How to win :

Player can use any of match they want to play, Like Dice,Win jackpots, Blackjack, Video Poker, Plinko, Slots and Lottery, Crypto-gamesDeveloper or management use provably fair algorithm to provide results thatguarantees legitimate results.

Play for free ?

Yes, With faucet Any player can play and win free coins every second.

Is that Fair with system?

All games users provably fiar algorithm which guarantees farness of results. For Lottery website is using thir party provider, RandomPicker.

How to Start ?

Players need to registration at Crypto-games, After completethe registration process they have to decide the match, and amount to play,After the deposit Ready to in the Crypto Gaming world.