First sharia law compliant Islamic Crypto Exchange launches in UAE

FICE- the First Islamic Crypto Exchange that received a green signal from the Islamic scholars to be Sharia compliant. Developed by Adab Solutions, FICE is the first and only cryptocurrency exchange in UAE and world to be offering to trade as per Sharia laws.

Islamic Cryptocurrency exchange

The project idea was conceived by Adab Solution when in April 2018 the Islamic scholar Mufti Muhammad Abu Bakar made a statement about Bitcoin being Sharia compliant. The team behind FICE will be putting building a Sharia Advisory Board in-house to make sure the future actions of exchange stay complaint to Islamic laws.

Islamic laws were not in favor of the speculative gains of the cryptocurrency, but with exchanges like FICE, even the Islamic traders can stay on top of the gains.

The project is completely focused on leveraging the potential of cryptocurrency for Islamic traders over the FICE platform. As per Sharia law, the mechanism of cryptocurrency model is against the Islamic laws, and that is why 1.8 billion Muslims across the globe keep away from the digital currency of the future. The Islamic laws allow trade in currencies and commodities that are finite and supply.

FICE is an initiative to provide a platform for Islamic crypto exchange traders which is reliable enough. Despite focusing on staying compliant to Islamic, FICE is open to crypto traders independent of their religious belief.

FICE ICO is all set to launch in September 2018. According to Timuh Turzhan, the CEO of Adab Solutions made clear that the business strategy of FICE is to increase the confidentiality and offer a safe platform from Islamic brothers. It is a valuable project for Islamic crypto exchange traders to earn decent profits without exposing themselves to any risk. The technically dedicated team and internal Sharia Advisory board will make sure that the project meets the quality, timelines and clean profit methodology for traders.


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