Coinbase seeks online crypto merchant adoption by the millions

Coinbase is focusing on increasing the market adoption of cryptocurrencies. After being at the top of cryptocurrency banks leaderboard in the USA, Coinbase announces the launch of a Github downloadable plugin that will let an online crypto merchant to add WooCommerce support to accept cryptocurrencies without any additional effort on merchants end.

With around 27% of the online stores using Woo Commerce, Coinbase is targeting a massive audience for the adoption of cryptocurrency payments. Coinbase team is a firm believer of making cryptocurrency easily adaptable by offering ready to use solutions and do not disrupt the existing functionalities. The plugin provided by Coinbase that can be downloaded from Github will augment payment handling for online crypto merchant Woo Commerce platform across the globe thus creating an open financial system.

The Plugin can be downloaded from Github for Woo Commerce by an online crypto merchant who are ready to accept BTC and Litecoin. The platform is being tested for accepting Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash also.

Coinbase is targeting to make the payment fee zero for all the Merchants who accept cryptocurrency payments by the Coinbase functionality. Right now, React button users can do this and Coinbase is moving to add Python and Ruby also for facilitating the button for others too. Coinbase is rapidly expanding its realms in 2018 with the launch of a crypto index fund, creating a base in Japan and acquiring more securities and Index based platforms to become a bigger platform.

The plugin is a significant move of Coinbase to make cryptocurrency easy to adapt and the target space it has selected is a big one. With Microsoft and Starbucks also indicating of a similar technology launch, Coinbase here again made its mark by moving fast so that while others are still thinking over it, they add more users to their existing user base and garner the first mover’s advantage.


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