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Blockchain Data Privacy Pilot gets unveiled by the UK Central Bank

UK Blockchain data privacy pilot
The United Kingdom’s central bank, known as the Bank of England, has recently added yet another PoC (blockchain proof-of- concept) to their upcoming Fintech accelerator program.The institution has been working with their startup Blockchain Data Privacy Pilot, according to their recent press release. This project is one among the four other projects that were unveiled today, and every other...

Cloudflare actions against torrent Websites for Cryptocurrency Malware

Cloudflare takes action against Cryptocurrency Malware
The well known Internet Domain provider named Cloudflare has recently began to crack some of the websites, that were said to be running on the hidden type of cryptocurrency miner. This news came to the limelight yesterday, when ProxyBunker, a torrent operator site reported that the Cloudflare has recently moved all of their relevant domains, as they found out...

Air France Testing Blockchain for Supply Chain Tracking

One among the world’s largest airlines is now looking out a way to apply a Blockchain supply chain kind of technology to track down their workflows that are said to be happening within the aircraft maintenance systems.According to the Aviation Today, the Air France has recently discussed about their possibilities in bringing up a webinar alongside the Microsoft and...

emCash – The new cryptocurrency to be introduced in Dubai

Dubai Introduces emCash Cryptocurrency
In the current trend of digital payments, every nation is introducing their own mode of digital networks. Countries like US, UK already have legalised the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum while other nations are now analysing the models of cryptocurrencies.The Countries like Japan and UAE also have a great value for these cryptocurrencies and the country has a wide...

Blockchain Forum to be hosted by the US State Department this October

US blockchain forum october 10
A Flash into the news is that US is hosting a Blockchain forum on 10th of this October. The event is going to be take place at the capital city’s George C Marshall center. It was announced that various officers of the state and US government along with senior members from the private sector would be joining this workshop....