Ponzi Dapps - 46 Million of Ether is Locked

The Ethereum network is all the over the latest Dapps. The uncontrollable P2P network based decentralized applications are flooding the internet since last week. The Ponzi Dapps have accumulated large transactions and amassed a huge volume of 1800000 ETH over a seven-day trade.

That doesn’t sound quite right. What’s the catch? It’s a lose-lose situation for anyone who is willing to invest in these Ponzi scheme Dapps.

Where is the technical glitch? It’s in The URL. Fomo 3D is an exit scam game hosted by exitscam.me (obviously). This game product is a brainchild of the team “JUST”. The group gets its title from a Brendan Fraser/the barber meta-meme.

There’s nothing “JUST” about playing this game as you will be left with almost “null” Ethereum balance.

Despite the fact of getting bankrupt, gamers don’t seem to be fazed. The fanboys are all set to gamble their ether away into Fomo 3D and PoWH 3D.

The game Dapps are ruling the Ethereum network. The Ponzi schemes before trending gained momentum in crypto forums such as 4chan’s/messageboard/biz.

The team boasts about the breaking blockchain records by beating the Dapp traffic in 24 hours through these games “neatly”.

Both these Ponzi Dapp games exploit human greed to a whole new level. The players are put in a terrifying and yet tempting position to secure as much Ethereum as possible and elope. The next players must buy a key to reset the game before the 24 hours countdown. Otherwise, the previous key owner wins the pot. This endless vortex consumes Ether and reduces the supply to the players. Currently, the jackpot holds nearly a $10 million.

The digital scare doesn’t quite end here. FOMO3D is all set to launch their upcoming Ponzi game titled ”Fomo Five” which works on a different logic. There is a timer that can reduce by a second every time a player purchases a key. When the profits get big enough a mega whale cleans up entire pot, and early players are left with a massive payout.

These Ponzi games are a test of human greed and how far they can go. If only this were a twisted figment of a SciFi novel. Sad but true.


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