Six Network launches multi-signature with enhanced security after ICO ended

ICO’s are an innovative solution to day to day problems. SIX network’s blockchain innovation offers content creators and platforms a long-term solution for the payments and payment processing between the two parties. The content creators get rewarded on the content platforms, and now SIX network’s blockchain is a lost cost and more liquid able channel for the content creators. The content creators can now collaboratively monetize their rewards from multiple platforms.

June 2018 witnessed the major ICO work for SIX networks that were carried out in Thailand, and now SIX Network has announced the launch of SIX wallet that primarily focuses on the intuitiveness and high-end security. The beta launch of SIX network Wallet will offer send/receive and traction history functionality for the wallet users.

In the registration process itself, multi-level security features have been incorporated. Along with a USERNAME and Password, an OTP verification will be carried out, and the user will have to set up a 6 digit PIN. The transfer can be done to a username itself rather than every time entering the complex wallet address. This feature is available for transactions between the SIX wallet users only. With a live chart feature, a real-time crypto-currency price check can be done for major currencies.

Security is prime for a crypto-wallet, and SIX Wallet has made its transactions more secure by adding two lock levels. The first key is entered by the user and the second one by the SIX network server. Whenever an operation is initiated, encrypted data is sent from SIX wallet App to the server. Once the server verifies the key, a third key is generated.

In case of App wallet is hacked, the user key will not match the server key and in fact, the server was hacked, no core from users end will be generated creating a bottleneck for hackers, so the SIX network wallet is highly secure.


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