SBI holdings supports regulated ICO platform templum

One of the biggest financial banking giants – SBI Holdings of Japan has announced about its latest investment in Templum which is an ICO platform that focuses on regulated securities token offerings.

According to the official press release on Thursday, SBI Holdings said that it has invested around $10 million along with the Raptor Group in the latest financing round. The funds obtained through this fundraising round will be used in the further development of subsidiary Templum Markets and its alternative trading system.

It also plans to use these funds for building more valuable partnerships with other investors while attracting certified and institutional investors to make the purchase and sale of security tokens using Templum’s technology.

The official Templum website mentions about the company providing “regulatory compliant solutions for Tokenized Asset Offerings (Initial Coin Offerings as securities) and subsequent secondary trading.”

Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao, President and CEO, President and CEO of SBI Holdings Co., said:

”We are focused on building a new financial paradigm and we believe that Templum is the best partner in building this new paradigm.This investment is a block for trading digital assets as securities Regarding the use of chain technology, it means that we trust Templum’s experienced team, technology and vision. “

Chris Pallotta, founder and chief executive of Templum, says:

“We are pleased to be able to obtain the support of SBI.I believe that this investment will expand the relationship with this highly acclaimed institution.SBI is a safe for TAO We share our mission of building a trading platform, and I am looking forward to cooperating with SBI in Japan and Asia as a whole. “



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