Owners of Bitcoin.org - The battle of ownership intensifies

Exchanging many ownership hands after being established by Satoshi Nakamoto and Martti Malmi, Bitcoin.org is not facing an ownership dispute once again. One of the current owners of Bitcoin.org, Cobra Bitcoin is the center of the dispute as he openly supports Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin.org is the major core of Bitcoin open source ecosystem as it has been established by the founders of Bitcoin and the domain name adds value to its existence. Today developers across the globe can add code to bitcoin blockchain, but the final call comes from the owners of Bitcoin.org.

Cobra Bitcoin is a pseudonym who has been receiving a lot of criticism for supporting BitcoinCash and openly supporting it. He has been a major critic of the Bitcoin ecosystem but has never used Bitcoin.org ownership rights to promote Bitcoin Cash. Cobra has been quite vocal on GitHub about how things are just being drawn against him despite his entire support to Bitcoin.org. He was reported saying that his ownership rights have been tried to be bought out many times but because his interest lies entirely in the growth of Bitcoin.org, he remains uncorrupt till date.

Questioning the intentions of other co-owners he even asked what was the surety that the one who replaces him remains uncorrupt.

Cobra says in an interview he has not been affected by the polar apart opinions about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. His passion for cryptocurrency makes him admire Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash camps for any merits. He has earlier also been center of the spat with Bitmain.

It remains a mystery as to who is trying to oust Cobra from Bitcoin.org, but some believe it could be the Bitcoin Cash backers. Cobra has already faced the burnt for not condemning Bitcoin Cash as other co-owners of Bitcoin.org.

Cobra strongly still believes in the integrity of the Bitcoin.org team that has always protected Bitcoin against all the challenges although he must gear up to face the angry co-owners.


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