Opera cryptocurrency wallet for desktop users

Seeing the high difficulty and interest of its users in cryptocurrency, Opera has come with its built-in opera cryptocurrency wallet for its desktop users. More than 322 million peoples currently use the Norway-based browser.

The one-of-its-kind Opera CryptoCurrency Wallet

Opera explained how the wallet had passed beta testing with Android app and Ethereum Web3 API. After getting the positive feedback of the beta version, the browser has come up with its PC browser support for the cryptocurrency.

The developers of Opera cryptocurrency wallet has stated the ways by which it will sort out the cryptocurrency dealing for the user.

With this Opera cryptocurrency wallet, users can directly deal with digital assets. There is no need to install and set up an extension to use it. A simple scanning of QR code on Wallet-enabled mobile apps will connect the users directly to the browser.

Also, users need not set up a separate security system for the browser. The phone’s lock system can be used to store the keys. This will enable users to sign any transactions with their fingerprints only. No need to use long and difficult lengthy passphrases.

By connecting the app directly the Opera cryptocurrency wallet, the company has eliminated the need to install the various extensions and made the cryptocurrency dealing hassle-free and safe.

The add-ons

Opera browser cryptocurrency wallet also comes with a support system for tokens and collectibles. The current existing version supports ERC-721 collectibles and ETH, ERC-20 tokens. The developers have envisioned themselves to add some extra variants of cryptocurrencies as the time pass on.

Krystian Kolondra, EVP Browsers also explained that the browser is primarily focusing on bringing the crypto-integration into the mainstream. The Norwegian based browser believes that the blockchain technology is an innovative way to transform the web integration and they are going to work in the same direction.


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