Hyperledger and IBM have recently signed up on the DIF (Decentralized Identity Foundation), which is said to be a consortium, that was formed earlier in this year. This sign up has been done to promote the interoperability and the standards for maintaining the Blockchain type of ID systems.

These two enterprises that are known for Blockchain heavyweights, have now joined with other big groups of corporates and organizations like Civic and Gem, Accenture and Microsoft and with some of the well-known open source projects like the Sovrin and uPort.

The executive director of Coindesk, Daniel Buchner said in his recent review that, this recent happening must be a signal that speaks about the broad agreement in this particular area that shall cross some of organizational boundaries and other significant strategies in the upcoming days.

Some of the other firms do compete with one another, yet, they are now collaborating with their rivals under these projects, so that they can avoid developing systems that can result functioning as disconnected silos.

The foundation said in their recent blog post, that there will be a diverse set of organizations and individuals who shall bound for a common creed: which is a belief and identity for composing and collecting the deeply personal data to define them at first place.

In order to achieve with such self-sovereignty, it is a must to have protocols, fundamental primitives and other tools that are highly needed to create with a new inter-operable ecosystem. To bring out such an end, the group has said to be working on a new set of specs and other reference implementations that can be used in building the blocks like the decentralized identifiers and data stores.

IBM Hyperledger happened after IBM recently expressed their support that lead to the foundations of creating standards with the DIF.


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