Germany’s second-largest stock exchange to setup a crypto-currency infrastructure

Boerse Stuttgart, a stock-exchange in Germany is all set to make a big move in the crypto space on top of its existing support. The second largest stock exchange initiated itself in crypto-space on 13th April 2018. The Digital venture subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart is building BISON App that is due launch September 2018. The focus of BISON App is to offer a fee-free cryptocurrency trading platform. Sowa Labs, the digital subsidiary is first of its kind, and the beta launch will allow trade of BTC (Bitcoin), ETC (Ethereum), LTC(LiteCoin) and XRP(Ripple). The platform will be adding more cryptocurrencies for trade to it.

The platform will begin with the launch of its ICO on BISON. It is the part of the long-term digitization strategy of the group. Rapidly adapting to the changing front of the digital market, Boerse Stuttgart is going to offer a multilateral trading venue for crypto traders. As announced by CEO of Boerse Stuttgart, Alexander Hoptner, the Germany second largest stock exchange is a trusted name for transparency and quality so it will be easy for them to garner more attention of both investors and traders when they club value chain and services on a single robust platform.

From Boerse Stuttgart’s “extensive know-how in the fields of technology, regulation, and trading models,” Alexander Höptner, the CEO at Boerse Stuttgart, explained how Germany’s second largest stock exchange could make an impact.

Discussing the long-term strategy, the company’s ICO platform will facilitate to tokenize rights and assets making it easy and transparent for investors. A second market will be established where the ICO’s will be used to trade, and the latest safety concepts that have been added to BISON will add value to the entire set up.

Boerse Stuttgart’s, Germany’s stock exchange is progressing its crypto competence to markets all across Europe.


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