France has said to be moving swiftly in recent times, to formulate the rules that can cover up the token sales or the initial coin offerings; that operate according to their domestic financial market regulations.

By having a small talk with the business magazine challenges in the past week, the president of the AMF (Autorite des marches financiers) named Robert Ophele, has said that the agency been aiming to formalize their regulations around the new Blockchain use case that has been citing a new kind of increase in profile within France.

He also reported that they are in need to get a very quick position regarding the ongoing issue. Although it is not very clear, when it comes to the rules that has been released recently, the clarification for the same shall make France turn into one among the largest country that has an outline in making plans to regulate the upcoming projects and other startups, known for seeking a raise in their capital through the new token sale method.

Some other countries, namely Canada has said to be opting to make a neutral approach with others that includes both South Korea and China, who are known for banning the usage of cryptographic tokens when it comes to fundraising.

In a recent interview, Mr Ophele has made his speech a balanced tone, as he was questioned about the new regulator viewpoints and cryptocurrencies. He also stated that the ICO Regulations that were recently passed, are said to be presenting out with both opportunities and challenges at the same time.


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