owner announces ‘cobra bitcoin cash client'

Cryptocurrency world is filled with uncertainty and weirdness. The same gets confirm from a recent announcement made by the owner of, Cobra Bitcoin. As per the statement, the company is going to launch ‘Cobra Client,’ bitcoin cash node software before November 15.

The controversial launch

The owner of has always been a controversial figure in the cryptocurrency space. Owing to that fact, the recent announcement related to bitcoin cash node software has come under the radar. The new-fangled Cobra BCH node is planning to implement no consequences changes on Opcodes and Canonical transaction ordering.

He further explains that the Cobra Client is a direct implementation of UANF, i.e., User-Activated No Fork policy. This policy of Cobra Bitcoin cash is effectual in term of abolishing chain split and helps the businesses to service Bitcoin cash continually He also stated that the Cobra Bitcoin cash is committed to 25% of BCH hash power. He explains that traders could use Cobra Client to prevent any foreseen Bitcoin cash splintering and will help them to stop replaying of BCH on various unknown chains.

The baffled traders

The announcement was not very much cleared to the trader and left them in amusement about its actual meaning. Many of them think that the notorious owner is just trying to jerk the cryptocurrency world by announcing Cobra Bitcoin Cash. The announcement has triggered the debate amongst the BCH supporters because the claims made by Cobra regarding Cobra Bitcoin cash are pretty bold and unbelievable.

Cobra BCH node is currently under the trial and testing and is likely to get released next week. Till then the BCH community has wait and conclude wither the announcement is a flick or hold weight.


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