The well known Internet Domain provider named Cloudflare has recently began to crack some of the websites, that were said to be running on the hidden type of cryptocurrency miner. This news came to the limelight yesterday, when ProxyBunker, a torrent operator site reported that the Cloudflare has recently moved all of their relevant domains, as they found out miners been hidden within the website’s code. ProxyBunker, being a portal for all other other torrent sites, it has been running ‘Coinhive’ Monero type of miner for the past four days, which lead to the suspension of the site.

The safety and head trust at the Cloudflare, Justin Paine, reported to ProxyBunker about the decision that was taken, after they came to know about the miners been operated secretly, without providing any kind of option for the visitors to disable them, which later on resulted and considered as a ‘malware’.

Paine even quoted by saying: ‘Multiple domains within an account were said to be injecting new Coinhive mining codes without even notifying about them to the users. We highly consider it to be a malware, hence such accounts are now suspended, with all the other domains been removed from the Cloudflare.”

The website miner works in tapping out the processing power of the visitors’ computers to mine with the cryptocurrencies. This process has particularly gained a notoriety in the past few days, given some instances like The Pirate Bay, a torrent site that made a controversial decision in launching up a web-based miner on the blockchain, which was later on removed after been known to follow a public outcry.

Showtime, a well-known TV content provider has even reported recently about the Cryptocurrency malware attack on their official website, and it was found to be stealing the processing power from the unwitting users.

Furthermore, the total number of torrent based sites that were said to be running the mining code got rapidly increased day by day. A recent trend has been set upon with mixed responses, yet, TorrentFreak, says that the website miners shall serve a new type of financing method for every other low-profit services, like the torrents for example.

In the past day, the torrent website like PassThePopcorn has made an announcement, that they will be introducing a new ‘opt-in’ version of their own software, in a way to collect a fund for its service.


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