Cryptocurrency ranking list by China, Includes 31 cryptocurrency and projects

As per the new cryptocurrency ranking of the crypto projects launched by CCID, The Center for Information Industry Development of China Government declares EOS the best performer while NEM remains at the bottom like previous months.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology rolled its sleeves to provide a compressive ranking list of live crypto projects to the investors of this new fad in investment town. The initiative of cryptocurrency ranking by China was started in the May month of this year only, and now, they have come up with the third-ranking list.

The department starts the ranking list with 28 projects initially. EOS and Nebulas made the part of the list in June only while Gxchain made its debut this month only.

Cryptocurrency ranking list: Which scores what?

As per the cryptocurrency ranking by China, EOS rules over rest of 30 crypto projects in the list followed by Ethereum. While the EOS was made the part of ranking last month only, its performance gives jitters to other older counterparts like Bitcoins and Bitcoins Cash, which were the part of the list since the beginning.

EOS gained an edge over others with its high basic technical sub-indicators, which are a significant aspect of this ranking methodology.

Ethereum has been a consistent performer, as it maintains its last month position gracefully. Seeing its performance, we could easily bet on this. Bitcoins and Bitcoins Cash showed slight signs of improvement. This month, Bitcoin secured 16th place which is better from the previous month, when it secured 17th position. Though Bitcoin is at the not-so-influential position in China’s list, it stands first regarding its global presence and influence on global investors as it is the first cryptocurrency which gave a new way to double-up the investments.

On the same note, Bitcoin Cash secures 25th place this month which is far better than its last month’s position which was 28th.


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