One among the world’s largest airlines is now looking out a way to apply a Blockchain supply chain kind of technology to track down their workflows that are said to be happening within the aircraft maintenance systems.

According to the Aviation Today, the Air France has recently discussed about their possibilities in bringing up a webinar alongside the Microsoft and Ramco Aviation, which is a company that has been known for developing software’s for repair, maintenance and to overhaul the MRO systems that every other airlines use upon to service with their aircraft.

James Kornberg, the innovation director for the Air France business unit in KLM said in the session that the Supply chain tracking applications are the ones that are been attracted the airliners in the past few months of time.

He said, “the overall use has to be more of realistic. The four different features of the Blockchain are trace-ability, resilience, integrity and even disinter-mediation to suit up with the overall aviation supply chain.”

The process that shall make Air France start in switching exclusively to Blockchain type of system is yet to be finalized and it has been a question that has been going around them for the past few weeks.

As quoted by the Aviation Today, Kornberg has said about the major obstacle that has been resolved around the airline date, is not actually recorded digitally. Until, unless the paper-based processes are said to be modernized, the Blockchain shall not turn helpful as they have envisioned with them.

Kornberg explained, “Within the Aviation Industry, we have our whole data that are not digitized, and still remaining as analogue data’s, with our next step, which we are at present focused on, will be to bring a new digital solution on all our supply chain and with the aviation data’s that we collect at times.”


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