Blockchain business in ohio, accordance with new legislation

As per the latest announcement made by Governor of Ohio State, John Kasich, made of on August 3, 2018, that the support for the blockchain business in Ohio is finalized. The state has passed new legislation regarding the uses of blockchain within the state.

What does all the new legislation allow?

The new legislation will allow using blockchain technology in various sectors like real-estate, supply chain management, and healthcare. The usage would be limited to transmit and store the electronic records of the said industries. Though the use of blockchain might be a new fad for Ohio, the technology has already made its way in another part of US. For example, Cleveland is in the process to initiate BlockLand initiative while 10XTX has made its way in Cincinnati. Similarly, the Smart City initiative in Columbus is going strong as of now.

The warm welcome

The blockchain business in Ohio is receiving a warm welcome for the residents. SafeChain, the leading software company of Ohio, has welcomed the initiative to introduce blockchain business in Ohio with open arms. The company is using the technology in its insurance business to prevent any fraudulent on the digital platform.

In words of Tony Franco, chief executive officer, and co-founder, SafeChain introducing blockchain business in Ohio will help various sectors to collaborate with the community at multiple levels. This collaboration will be beneficial for both the locals and the professionals.

The same sort of positive response we got from JobsOhio. This private economic development corporation for the state explained that blockchain investors would get a new and innovative platform to design and develop new blockchain products. This will directly bring a surge in the job market, and Ohio will become a lucrative market for blockchain business.

Also, the listing of blockchain business in Ohio will give a platform for financial services companies of the state to expand their business without any fear of fraud and loss.


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