Bitmain Wi-Fi routers will mine DASH and SC for you.

Technology has no boundaries and Bitmain has proved it once again. The leading mining hardware producer has come up with yet another innovative product, i.e., Bitmain Wi-Fi routers.

With the help of these Wi-Fi routers, you can quickly mine digital coins from the comfort of your living room. All it takes a stable internet connection.

The most significant advantage is it is absolutely malware free. It sounds interesting. Owing to the ease of usage and its viability, the Wi-Fi router has already created a buzz in the cryptocurrency community.

Mine Dash with efficient speed

The Bitmain Wi-Fi routers are valuable into categories: Antrouter R3-DASH and Antrouter R3- SC. As the name suggests, these Wi-Fi routers are designed to mine DASH for the users. The routers are inspired from the R-3 series of the Bitmain and are available to purchase with cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, and BCH. The attached price tag shows USD 58.

Bitmain guarantees you to deliver the wi-fi routers within 10 working days after a buyer place an order. You need to connect the Bitmain wi-fi routers to your internet connection. Once get connected, it will automatically get connected to Bitmain Antpool and will start mining cryptos for you.

The company has made the product will robust intreated security suite which prevents any virtual danger for the user. The moment you will buy Bitmain Wi-Fi routers, you will have a personal account to check the status of your previous and on-going mining. We never thought the wi-fi router mining would be so hassle-free and secure.

The extended Wifi routers mining

Though it is confirmed that Bitmain Wi-Fi router is efficient to mine DASH and SC, speculations are there that router can mint other X11 coins as well. But, its performance, in that case, is still under the scanners and hasn’t got a clearance.


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