Bitcoin’s developer who worked along Satoshi Nakamoto is back with a Big Vision

Martti ‘Sirius’ Malmi, the bitcoin’s developer who worked with Satoshi Nakamoto to build Bitcoin blockchain is all set to make a comeback. Malmi’s role was crucial in where he even had the admin access. The second code release of Bitcoin Blockchain was all Malmi’s effort. Malmi is joining the project that is all set to launch an AXE, a cryptocurrency that will be used to transact on a platform that is the combination of Identifi and GUN. To decentralize the web, Identifi – the online reputation system will be combined with GUN- the decentralized database system.

Malmi, the Bitcoin’s Developer had left the crypto space just like Satoshi as to him Bitcoin has received enough support to thrive and did not need him. But he always had an eye on online giants like Google, Facebook, and eBay who are controlling the web space. Identifi was started by Malmi in the year 2014, and meanwhile, GUN was also launched in the same year that would decentralize the indexes and bring decentralization to the web.

ERA is a new platform that will combine Identifi and GUN so that bitcoin miners will have net neutrality and cannot be blacklisted by the web giants. Malmi is very active in the crypto space, but he had expressed his concern that Blockchain is being used in some projects where it is not very useful, and that is what he was scared of when he was Bitcoin’s Developer.

As per Malmi, ERA is a right way to use decentralization as its cryptocurrency will be serving the sole purpose of decentralized money and no people data will be stored on the blockchain. GUN has been supporting such projects but is not a very strong platform yet to replace Google and eBay giants. Malmi is very sure that identifi and GUN will be a powerful combination to bring decentralization to the web.


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