Bitcoin merchant bank galaxy digital reports a loss of $134 million

The founder of Galaxy Digital, Michael/Mike Novogratz, reveals that the world’s largest and first bitcoin merchant bank has suffered from a huge loss of $134 million in the first quarter of the year 2018. The announcement was confirmed by Bloomberg. The company only assessed its performance from January 1 to March 31. The performance report for the second quarter is still in the pipeline.

The breakup

In the report, the company reveals the area of loss as well. The major part of the loss comes from the investments of $103 Million crypto trading digital asset. Further, loss of $13.5 million described realized loss which comes out from a loss on its income. The $85.5 million loss in called out as unrealized losses. Recently, the company also bears $ 11 million in operating expenses which further intensified its financial burden.

The optimism

The report also reveals the company’s future plans which include a business merger of two companies with First Coin Capital Corp. and Bradmer Pharmaceuticals Inc, both are Canadian companies. Also, the largest bitcoin merchant bank, Galaxy Digital is going to get a place in the Toronto TSX Venture Exchange, a Canadian stock exchange.

The sanguine owner of this bitcoin merchant bank also states that:

“We have assembled a world-class team with deep institutional knowledge and expertise and have also made significant strides in scaling our four core business lines. I have complete confidence in our team’s ability to continue driving growth and believe the Company is strategically positioned to help further institutionalize the digital assets and blockchain technology industry.”

Galaxy Digital was founded by Michael/Mike Novogratz itself with a whopping investment of $ 302 Million.

The company continues to make some strong investments in the various areas despite facing such a huge loss. Recently, the company invested $ 52.5 million in a crypto-leading star-up, Blockfi.


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