For all those who believed in the power of modern technology and the Internet to take their entertainment resources to a whole new level, Cryptocurrencies bring the perfect revolution for them. Within a few years of its introduction on the market, cryptocurrency took over the digital platforms faster than any other innovation. Many online entertainment platforms started creating websites to support digital currency transactions fully. Even online gambling platforms are drastically changing remarkably to adapt to the new transaction systems for entertainment. Players can enjoy the advanced version of gambling entertainment through online-based mediums. Curious gamblers can enjoy a first-class casino experience from the comfort of their homes in any part of the world. Many skilled players are putting their potential and skills into the games to participate in the ultimate entertainment for amazing digital rewards. Every gambler on board is now on the go to find the most efficient online casino that caters to crypto-based entertainment for all without following any unfair means. 

This is why this review will give an insight into one of the Internet’s favored and efficient casinos, CryptoGames. The mentioned casino is one of crypto gamblers’ widely chosen gambling spots to experience the modern age of entertainment in all fairness. 

Briefly Learn about CryptoGames:

Located in Curacao, CryptoGames is an online casino serving the worldwide gambling community under MuchGaming B.V’s ownership. The Curacao Government registers and regulates under its jurisdiction. CryptoGames casino fully supports 10 cryptocurrencies on the website, including highly recognized ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc. It also supports the use of a reliable crypto exchange platform to enable exchanges from over 240 cryptocurrencies. The platform then goes on to avail itself for the players who like to use their credit cards on the website. The transactions are secured by reliable security that includes an advanced verification process and much more. The main component of the casino, its assorted list of 10 games fulfills the customer’s expectations when it comes to easy gambling. From newcomers to well-experienced gamblers, everyone at the casino can find the rules easy to follow at any stage. And on top of that, they also have the privilege to use CryptoGames’ free currency, Play Money to learn the rules for 9 games.


Get Started After Quick Registration Process:

The registration process at this gaming platform is quick and easy to follow for every new gambler on board. To ensure the casino offers the fastest registration process, CryptoGames has built an uncomplicated process requiring players to complete only two steps, Providing a unique Username for each account, and clicking to agree to all Terms and Conditions of the casino. These two steps are the initial procedures to create a basic account that provides access to 9 games and the Play Money currency. To secure their account and fully enable all features, players must set up an email address and a strong password with transaction addresses. 

Unbiasedly Engaging List of Casino Games:

Instead of many heavily designed games, CryptoGames offers only 10 games at its casino with efficient design and features. The casino includes all the classic games in their utmost modern versions in the library, which they developed from scratch to bring out their uniqueness for the players. There are helpful features dedicated to all the games. Each of the games comes with detailed guidelines on the How to Play tab and the Blog. Although there are 10 cryptocurrencies on the website to use for the games, Lottery is an exception in that case as it only offers 4 cryptocurrencies for use. 

At the casino, you will find the following games in their library: Dice, DiceV2, Roulette, Blackjack, Minesweeper, Slot, Video Poker, Plinko, Keno, and Lottery.

All of these are developed by the system to be extremely lightweight and accessible from any device regardless of the model specification of the devices. 


Although Dice has been an apparatus used for playing or predicting games, gamblers at CryptoGames can find it as a game on its own. They can find it in a beginner-friendly crypto version with a winning fidelity of 0.000 to 99.999 for every player. The guideline for, then the game is easy to understand. And can be found by the players in both Blog and How to Play tabs. To win in Dice, the players must correctly determine the result of the roll at the beginning of the game. In each round, the players guess if their outcome will be greater or lesser than two given numbers. Dice also offers a useful Auto Bet feature to allow players to roll their Dice automatically for predetermined settings. Players can also use specific keyboard shortcuts to play the games faster. Dice comes with a 1 % house edge.


One of the widely played table games in casinos around the world is hands down, Roulette. At CryptoGames, players know this game to be a modernly designed version of classic European Roulette. The game returns payouts according to its American version under the house edge of the European version. CryptoGames version of Roulette offers a Progressive Jackpot with a lot of entertainment potential for new gamblers. To win the game’s objective, players must land the white ball into one of the neighbor bets they have placed on the betting board. The game consists of two unique features. One is the Auto Bet, another one is the Neighbour Bets. The latter is a specially created feature for the game that helps all Roulette players to place their neighbor bets on the wheel randomly. There are 4 options to choose from in the Neighbour Bets feature. Roulette comes with a 2.7% house edge. 


To make Dice more fun and engaging with a completely different outlook, CryptoGames presents DiceV2 on its library with the same winning fidelity and a much similar objective. The new-edge version DiceV2 offers an efficient architecture just like its original version that includes a sliding bar with options to adjust the bet according to the players’ preferences. In DiceV2, its modern functions support all 10 cryptocurrencies and Play Money. It also allows the players to run their bets automatically from their devices using the Auto Bet function. In its objective, DiceV2 requires the players to make the correct guess and land their Dice on the green zone specified on the Slider. Bet size, amount, payout multiplier amount, and winning odds can all be adjusted by the player using the slider. DiceV2 comes with a 1% house edge.


If Roulette is one of the widely played table games around the casinos, then Slots Machine is another undeniably classic game that can be seen in almost all casinos worldwide. CryptoGames version of the five-reel classic game comes with an efficient modern take that supports all 10 cryptocurrencies and even Play Money. In its crypto version, Slot has great winning odds for 7 winning combinations. Players must land the winning symbols in the middle row to win Slots. Each winning combination includes five symbols on the reels. The Slot is straightforward to play, even for new gamblers in the casino. The Slot comes with a 1.97% house edge.


Blackjack or 21 is a widely played card game now available in its attractive crypto version that is all card players’ top pick at the casino. Blackjack is included in the library of games to polish the curious gamblers’ card game skills. To win Blackjack’s main objective, the players must form a hand that will beat the dealers. Players can score an easy win by reaching 21 points from drawing the first two cards. Then they can also score better points without exceeding 21 points. Learning how to efficiently Double Down, Surrender or Split can be beneficial for the players to keep their card total lower than 21 at all costs. Blackjack comes with a 1.25% house edge.


All gamblers who have passed the 90s gaming era can say that Minesweeper is a true classic puzzle game loved by all. CryptoGames included this old school to bring classic nostalgia to all the gamblers on board. Its crypto version at the casino features a field of mines that are digitally created by the architecture. In the field, players get to choose how many mines they will play to clear or how difficult the minefield will be to clear out. There are also Random Pick and Auto Bet features for the players to use when they want to change their game strategies. Players can cash out their winning sums by clicking on Cash Out after winning their desired amount without hitting any mine. Minesweeper comes with a 1% house edge.


Another true classic, the televised game in the gambling era of the 80s is Plinko. The game is widely played in modern casinos all over the world now. Plinko is a fun game for all the new gamblers on the board for its simplistic rules. The game can be won easily if the players successfully drop their balls into a winning slot at the bottom of the pegged pyramid. Along with its Auto Bet feature, players can also choose from 4 different options for house edges in the game. The four different options depend on the colors of the balls that appear on the game board. The colors each carry their payout multipliers too. The pyramid shows Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow balls for the players to choose from. Plinko comes with a 1.72% house edge on average. And the four colors carry the following house edges – 

Green ball- 1.63%. 

Red ball- 1.84%. 

Blue ball- 1.52%. 

Yellow ball- 1.56%.

Video Poker:

Video Poker shares a similar concept as the Poker game, which is mainly known as a popular Card game. At the casino, CryptoGames designed its version of Video Poker by delivering 3 more extensions with their House Edges. The game comes with its innovative feature, Smart Hold, allowing players to hold and keep cards during the deals randomly. To win the game, Video Poker requires its players to beat the dealer by creating an unbeatable hand. The game also has its own Auto Bet feature. Video Poker comes with a 2.09% house edge on average, whereas each of its versions comes with the following house edges-

Jacks or Better- 2.11%. 

Tens or Better- 2.08%. 

Bonus poker- 2.09%.


Winning a fantastic number of rewards or Money through a lucky Ticket is the main concept of the classic gambling game, Lottery. From the old days, the Lottery is one of the most accessible games to be played in any casino. The game itself is presented in its most unique form at CryptoGames, as it is offered for only four cryptocurrencies. All players using the four specified cryptocurrencies can participate in the game by buying their desired number of tickets from the “Buy Tickets” tab. The game’s dedicated page provides all necessary details on the winning percentage for the total number of tickets the players purchase. The lottery draw days, prize amount, and availability all depend on the cryptocurrencies. Lottery comes with 0% house edge.


This game entered the website as their 10th game this year. Within a few days of its arrival, the game has gained a place among the players with its well-designed modern version. Players must draw the numbers they think will come up in the outcome after selecting the bet amount for the round. The numbers they pick range from 1 to 40. And from those 40 numbers, they may pick up to ten at a time. Players select the numbers manually or with the help of the Random field feature. The game’s objective is often labeled to be similar to the Lottery. When players win the rewards for making the lucky picks, the result shows them golden, along with the random numbers they leave unpicked. The casino hands out the tips to the winners based on the win multiplier corresponding to the numbers they’ve picked correctly. Keno comes with a 1% house edge.

All Popular Cryptocurrencies to Use for the Games:

To be established as one of the unbiasedly efficient crypto-based online casinos on the Internet, CryptoGames supports 9 up-to-date cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash. All players can choose any of these coins when playing a casino game. However, Lottery players must keep an eye on the specific cryptocurrencies for the games. All accounts can also use the “Play Money” currency to learn about the rules of the games at any time. There are efficient transaction methods like Credit Card deposits, Crypto to Crypto exchanges, and fast withdrawals on the casino.

Match the Rules of Progressive Jackpots to Win More

In three games, CryptoGames gamblers get to place their bets with the hope of winning their exciting progressive jackpots. The jackpots reward the players with more amount than the usual payout amount. 

Dice and DiceV2’s Jackpot Rules: 

By completing the general rules for winning, Dice and DiceV2 players can look forward to completing the Progressive Jackpot Rules for further rewards. These two games have similar objectives, and their jackpot rules are also the same. Players can look forward to meeting the following rules to win the Jackpots: 

  • Dice roll returns a 7.777 or 77.777 in the end.
  • The resulting roll is a winning roll.
  • Both the bet amount placed in the bet and earned in the result meet the minimum required amounts

Roulette’s Jackpot Rules: 

All Roulette players can match their results with the jackpot rules to check if they have won their share of the lucky jackpot. They check the following rules to see if their bet results match them for the prize:

  • Players must land 7 consecutively four times in a row using the same cryptocurrency. 
  • The results must all be profitable bets with a returning amount higher than the bet amount. 
  • Players’ earned and bet amounts match the casino’s requirements. 

More information regarding the minimum amounts is well described in the casino’s FAQ section.

The Casino’s Beneficial Features for All:

Along with the rewards the casino guarantees the players to claim on each win, there are other beneficial features on the website that makes Crypto Gambling more advanced and fun for the gamblers. Each of the features is interconnected as they hand out a beneficial number of rewards. For example, CryptoGames’ Chatbox, Rainbot, and Faucet features are beneficial for all players. The first feature helps every player to connect with all other gamblers at the casino through a fun and lively environment. And by being active in the Chatbox, gamblers get to increase their account level, which leads to earning more rewards from the Rainbot and Faucet. Players who are fully registered at the casino can look forward to the crypto rewards the Rainbot hands out in small amounts. On the other hand, all players can equally enjoy and look out for the Play Money reward that the Faucet hands out on request. These rewarding features also ensure that the new players find the needed elements to comfortably participate in the entertainment. 

Highly Rewarding Contests and VIP Memberships:

CryptoGames serves innovative entertainment methods to keep the atmosphere at the casino at the top the entire time. Including the 10 happening games, the players can explore betting contests the casino organizes monthly. The contests include exciting prizes for the winners of the monthly wagering contests. There are also weekly promotional campaigns that the casino keeps available for everyone to explore. The casino increases its traffic through promotional events and referral links, from which it guarantees to reward the players with lifetime prize amounts. Through the referral links, the casino gives out 15% off the house edge to the referrers from all the bets their referred players place. On top of that, all the monthly contests that the players participate in are always high in reward. Hence, all participating players always look forward to VIP memberships. 

Check out the VIP Rewards You can Win from Monthly Contests

  • As a VIP player, you get a 0.8% house edge for every bet you place in Dice, DiceV2
  • Face no server delay when placing any bet of any size. For an entire month, you can find the highest betting speed for all the bets. 
  • As a VIP player, you can make more exchanges of your cryptocurrencies for better and higher limits. 
  • You can also access the chatroom built especially for all VIP players and the managing authorities of the casino.
  • You can also show off your VIP tag on your account for an entire month. 
  • You will receive VIP vouchers in your email monthly in certain amounts. The amount will depend on the position you hold on the leaderboard. You will be rewarded according to your position if you hold multiple positions.

CryptoGames is the Host of a Rising Community of Crypto Gamblers

CryptoGames keeps a handful of entertaining resources for gamblers to enjoy without getting interrupted by unwanted ads or redirect links. The casino takes further measures to ensure high security for all the accounts every player creates on the website. CryptoGames, in a nutshell, is an efficient place for any curious crypto gambler as it promotes incomparable gambling policies to add more depth to the entertainment. Every crypto gambler on the Internet can rely on the casino to deliver straightforward transactions backed up by Two-Factor Authentication and real-time Email Verification security measures. The players can also rely on detailed blogs and forums that inform players about every game and feature. In conclusion, the casino’s consistent digital upgrades and new age offerings in crypto gambling put forward a good website for worldwide crypto gamblers.

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