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CryptoGames: Gamble And Play Online with Cryptocurrencies

For all those who believed in the power of modern technology and the Internet to take their entertainment resources to a whole new level, Cryptocurrencies bring the perfect revolution for them. Within a few years of its introduction on the market, cryptocurrency took over the digital platforms faster than any other innovation. Many online entertainment platforms started...

Drafting a bill on digital financial assets and securities trading By Moscow’s Exchange.

Drafting a bill on digital financial assets and securities trading By Moscow's Exchange.
The Moscow Exchange is considering allowing the trading of digital assets on its platform. This would allow for a wider range of investment opportunities for its participants and provide access to a new asset class. Russia's stock exchange expects to pass bill that would allow for the issuance and trade of digital securities on a...

A large number of Celsius customers have filed suit in a US court to recover $22.5 million in cryptocurrency.

Legal issues for the bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network continue to mount as users who were unable to withdraw their funds in June take the company to court. Dozens of Celsius clients sue US court to reclaim $22.5M in cryptoSuspension of withdrawals on Celsius custody defies the clear language of the firm’s...

$1 million business account was frozen by Binance at the request of law enforcement

After being called out on social media, major cryptocurrency exchange Binance revealed it has limited a Tezos tool contributor's account access to $1 million in cryptocurrency. Binance announced the suspension of Tezos staking rewards auditor Baking Bad's account in a Thursday tweet thread, citing a "legal enforcement request." The Tezos contributor claimed that Binance...

Mt. Gox rumors make panic on Bitcoin price as drops below $20K

Mt. Gox Claims that 137,000 BTC are about to be offloaded on the open market are met with intense suspicion as BTC price volatility returns. The lack of liquidity over the weekend appeared to increase already volatile markets and markets, which were reacted negatively to unconfirmed reports that Mt. Gox funds would be due to be released to... – Online Gambling portal

Whats is Crypto-Games ? Crypto-games is an online gaming and bet protal whereplayers/users can play Dice, Win jackpots, Blackjack, Video Poker, Plinko,Slots, Lottery and more. Anyone from anywhere can bet in platform with variousmode of payment like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin,Ethereum Classic, Neo-Gas, Statis, Peercoin and specially with Playmoney.

Choose MGO coin for gamers, game developers and many others

Choose MGO coin for gamers, game developers and many others If you look for reliable and perspective cryptocurrency, you should pay attention to MGO coin! Of particular interest this token is for gamers and game developers. Cryptotraders also appreciate this currency, recognizing the possibility to increase their income. Why should we choose MGO token? Let’s list the main reasons of MGO’s popularity: Liquid tokens You...

Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Fintech firms are best regulated

Hongkong Exchange Blockchain
As per Hongkong Stock Exchange, nothing else could regulate the fintech firms and blockchain entities as the current financial law is regulating them already. The informative outcomes The authority made the above statement based on a recent research report, which was published on Oct 18. In the report, the HKEX’s Chief China Economist’ Office & innovation Lab take a deep dig...